The philosophers were ambient people: an interview with The Billows Burn Bright

Lucid Attention Protocol D1 activated … Did you ever fell in your sleep? Conscious, but slumbering, possessed by the urge to find clarity beyond the veil of self-awareness. Like drifting through a stream of sensorial inspirations, attending a cinematic reprocessing of things suppressed inside yourself. Out of fear, an ominous excitement, standing on the edge„The philosophers were ambient people: an interview with The Billows Burn Bright“ weiterlesen

An adequately mad interview with 30 Seconds GO!

Having retired from my vivid career as client of local psychotherapeutic surgeries, because of a persistent panic disorder, I’d like to mention, that the biggest challenge regarding it was to actually introduce myself to the doctors. No further investigation into the causes for their part. You need to help me to help you – and„An adequately mad interview with 30 Seconds GO!“ weiterlesen

The incredibly hopeful interview with Being Still

It is self-evidently a good sign, if a young and striving band gets compared to as many classic role-models of a scene as possible. In this matter Being Still, upcoming post-hardcore hope of Ocean City, New Jersey, US, are a contender for the Highscore, getting mentioned next to the names of Thursday and La Dispute„The incredibly hopeful interview with Being Still“ weiterlesen

Eight insane questions with NecroticGoreBeast

[Achtung, liebe*r LeserIn! Dieses Interview enthält möglicherweise nicht-jugendfreie Inhalte.] … There are forces in this world that you don’t reckon with until they hit you like a truck. Like hurricanes or earthquakes or NecroticGoreBeast. Hailing from Montréal and Quebec City, Canada, the four slam-ridden death-metal-disciples strive for the brutalisation of music on a down-to-earth basis„Eight insane questions with NecroticGoreBeast“ weiterlesen

‚for ages‘ album talk: an interview with James Stutely of Carb On Carb

New Zealand duo Carb On Carb provide you with dreamy punk music of the finest qualities. The sensitive autobiographical lyrics of frontwoman Nicole are one of them. If you´re currently caught up in a modern day existential crisis, their latest album for ages (May 4, 2018) is a record that will ease your mind. Today„‚for ages‘ album talk: an interview with James Stutely of Carb On Carb“ weiterlesen

Nintendocore is not dead: an interview with Ditto´s Blood

The vanishing of nintendocore name givers and monuments of the genre Horse the Band (last release: Desperate Living, 2009) kicked off rumours about the termination of a whole music scene. It was the end of an era, but the inspiration taken from the sound systems of classic video game consoles and the soundtracks of their„Nintendocore is not dead: an interview with Ditto´s Blood“ weiterlesen