The incredibly hopeful interview with Being Still

It is self-evidently a good sign, if a young and striving band gets compared to as many classic role-models of a scene as possible. In this matter Being Still, upcoming post-hardcore hope of Ocean City, New Jersey, US, are a contender for the Highscore, getting mentioned next to the names of Thursday and La Dispute„The incredibly hopeful interview with Being Still“ weiterlesen

Eight insane questions with NecroticGoreBeast

[Achtung, liebe*r LeserIn! Dieses Interview enthält möglicherweise nicht-jugendfreie Inhalte.] … There are forces in this world that you don’t reckon with until they hit you like a truck. Like hurricanes or earthquakes or NecroticGoreBeast. Hailing from Montréal and Quebec City, Canada, the four slam-ridden death-metal-disciples strive for the brutalisation of music on a down-to-earth basis„Eight insane questions with NecroticGoreBeast“ weiterlesen