An adequately mad interview with 30 Seconds GO!

Having retired from my vivid career as a client of local psychotherapeutic surgeries, because of a persistent panic disorder, I’d like to mention, that the biggest challenge regarding it was to introduce myself to the doctors. No further investigation into the causes for their part. You need to help me to help you – and all that. If I´d know the literal reason for who I am and why I feel like this, I would not have to come and see you! What happened to inkblot tests and putting people through weird fictional scenarios to create this (Ohhh!) moment, where we are both excited to understand that the pencil sharpeners that haunt me in my dreams are symbolic manifestations constituting the relationship to my father! Anyway. 30 Seconds GO! from Maine, USA, offering a mixture of heavy breakdowns, embedded in a groovy range of mathcore, electronic sounds, and furious vocals. Embracing the tongue-in-cheek Kafkaesque insanity of the early Dr. Acula, brute synth-mosh-craziness of Arsonists Get All The Girls and wild hysteric delivery of lyrics à la Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley, the upcoming quartet is reaching out to the lovers of track-sized audible frenzy. Next up I am proud to be joining them for a special introduction, through a quick round of appropriately strange questions.

Hey guys, thank you so much for attending this interview. I hope all of you are healthy and getting well through the pandemic.

Bands often get asked how it all came about and well, it’s not their fault that the answer is pretty square most of the time. How have you guys met in another dimension, though?

Collective: Maine only has one dimension, and everyone went to one high school and our guitarist went to a shitty high school an hour away. Our vocalist currently resides in a weird pocket dimension called Michigan but we don’t care about him.

You created and published your first release in 2010. It was a self-titled demo with three tracks, that you commented with the words: „We were young, and this is what happens when you do the cinnamon challenge at a friend’s house.“ What would be the challenge, that describes you best today, a whole decade later, working on new material?

Collective: The “Playing live challenge”. It’s a rough deal full of heartbreak, betrayal, and in-ear monitors.

Looking back one of the first things that caught my attention concerning your project has been a cover-like design, including your logo and depicting a scene kid losing her/his mind, while the city is getting wrecked by a tornado. How would you stop this natural catastrophe? 30 Seconds GO!

Bobby: Point fans at it and blow it away.

Dalton: Hire Nicholas cage, but like, Nick Cage from Mandy.

Brandon: Throw hotdogs at it until it gets allergic and runs away.

Caleb: Turn the volume down … of our EP.

On last year’s Halloween, you released the first single off your upcoming EP ‚A Self Help Guide To Your Nervous Breakdown‘, which will be published by Through Riding Tiger Records. It is called ‚Did You Remember Your Reusable Shopping Bags?‘ and honestly caught me off-guard with its technical powerful riffs and assaults of effect-driven guitars, which reminded me of heavyweights like Ion Dissonance or Scottland’s very own Frontierer. But I need to know: What would be a memorable merch item of your choice, that is strictly NOT reusable, because of its rarity or impact.

Brandon: Chinese finger traps… no one sells that at a merch table.

Caleb: 30 Seconds Aged Lagavulin.

Bobby: Can it be Caleb’s beard he used to have when we wrote the EP? Or his ass hairs he tricked his wife into shaving?

Dalton: A shirt that has nothing to do with 30SG! That has like 8 old ladies on it that I definitely found at a thrift store in 2011.

If you had the chance to travel back in time or to a future instant in history, lasting 30 seconds, how would you decide?

Caleb: Hiroshima, Japan.

Bobby: But not when the bomb happened… like 1983.

Caleb: … or whenever Jesus was talking to people and be like “Hey, your mix is off”. Or better yet, tell Sting to “Just stop”.

Brandon: How about the birth of the universe so I can be the first person to take a shit… how’s that for a record?

Dalton: Back to the moment when I rhymed “Crawl” with “Crawl” in our first intro. It haunts me.

Bobby: Back to when George Washington Carver invented the first jar of peanut butter so I can FUCK IT!

Brandon: Can we just end the interview with a question for him that says: “Ya ever been zoinked?”

Earlier this year you’ve uploaded the second of overall three pre-issued tracks of your imminent release featuring a guest appearance by Sean Richmond of Arsonists Get All The Girls and I have to admit it’s one of the most intense and well-placed features I have ever listened to. Especially the subtle, yet atmospheric use of synthesizers throughout the track reminds me of their style. If you had to collaborate with a producer of oven-ready meals to create your own. What would that look like?

Dalton: Kid Cuisine. No changes. They are perfect.

Caleb: Kurt Ballou, he makes mean breakfast sandwiches. It looks like how Gordon Ramsay makes me feel.

Brandon: Can my answer just be Chicken Permission? *Brandon stares blankly with a Snapchat filter over his face* Looks good.

Bobby: Mine would be Digiorno, it would look mostly the same but the cookies would be ON the pizza from the meal kits.

Three of you guys are involved in a side project called The Sharks Megabyte. You make Nintendocore that is of course influenced by your work with 30 Seconds GO! and that I advise every fan of the genre, nerd, and fellow traveler to check out. BOOM! You are stuck in a co-op video game, fighting the end boss. It’s another tornado. With a sword! Choose your characters as you wish.

Dalton: Mine would be a guy with a t-shirt that says FUCK THE SHARKS MEGABYTE!

Brandon: Not Dalton because he SUCKS and isn’t allowed to be in The Sharks Megabyte.

Bobby: Any one of the 3 of us in The Sharks Megabyte, so definitely not Dalton. PS Love Mummy sucks.

Caleb: Old world blues (NOTE: The rest of us think he forgot the question at this point).

So, your third single entitled ‚Mantis‘ dropped in September, a nightmare vision of a girlfriend turning into a deadly insect and all I´d like to say about it is, that it got me even more hooked for what is to come. Please use this moment to conclusively tell the readers anything you’d like them to know.

Bobby: That our main vocalist Dalton used to paint his face like a Juggalo. After the EP we’re going to work on a full length so expect that out in 2039, we’ll put out 45 singles leading up to it.

Dalton: I just want everyone to know that this EP was a nightmare to make but super weird dredging up something I hadn’t worked on in 9 years. I have a solo project called Love Mummy that I never work on. It’s moreso Electronic Noise Rock. I’m excited to work on the full length for 30SG! I expect us to get a bit more weird with it …

Caleb: Sharks Megabyte EP coming soon. Full length as well, but nothing is really written yet. Also, I and Brandon have another project called Never Odd Or Even. We all have like 900 projects.

Brandon: The other 8 bands I’m in are more enjoyable than this one. Also, check out Knife Eater.

Bobby: Thank you for having us do this audio interview, we worked hard on the backing soundtrack you have been listening to this entire time, as well as all the intricate sound effects. I want to thank you all for listening.

Dalton: Like, Comment, and subscribe! Hit that bell icon to be notified of updates. But first, let’s talk about Squarespace …