Eight insane questions with NecroticGoreBeast

[Achtung, liebe*r LeserIn! Dieses Interview enthält möglicherweise nicht-jugendfreie Inhalte.]

There are forces in this world that you don’t reckon with until they hit you like a truck. Like hurricanes or earthquakes or NecroticGoreBeast. Hailing from Montréal and Quebec City, Canada, the four slam-ridden death-metal-disciples strive for the brutalization of music on a down-to-earth basis of extraterrestrial noises, fierce blast beats, and thick guitar tones. Hold on tight to your passion for disgusting audible cruelty, cause their self-titled debut album releases today! The following interview will disregard the standards of professional journalism completely. Why? Because you don´t know someone unless he answers your 8 insane questions.

1. Hey guys, thanks for attending this mad interview. I hope you´re doing fine and are ready, cause here comes the first question. Lately, I figured out that I´m doing okay in life, but could be more energetic. Maybe I should get to know more about my esoteric power animal. Thinking of the sickest slam metal album covers, in which form would your power animal materialize?

Is Shrek considered an animal? If not, we’d go with a badass Koala. Those tiny m**erf**kers look bad as hell.

2. Last year a guy set the Guinness World Record for slicing 27 watermelons in half on his stomach. Which world record would you guys be able to set with the brute force of your music or even individual skills?

I mean we could effortlessly fist 30 people, no hands, no lube. But for a real challenge, we can bulge our pants with 16 Costco hot dogs. The only thing we have achieved with our music is recording an album without even practicing it (true story).

3. Let’s assume intelligent life exists somewhere out there in space. How do you think aliens could contribute to improving human death metal?

They already did, they’re called Archspire (damn those fast sexy aliens).

4. What is your favorite food on tour and how would you name a song, that tells us about it?

It’s the poor man´s sandwich which consists of a slice of bread between two slices of bread. Gotta keep the carbs going (we also accept a donation at necroticgorebeast@gmail.com, please help us).

5. If you could play a show inside a volcano and you could choose any band to accompany you, who would it be?

We’d play with a band like U2. We could beat them up and bully them constantly to pass our anger from being stuck in a stupid volcano.

6. Napalm Death just got their ice cream flavor – some vegan dark chocolate thing. What would a NecroticGoreBeast ice cream taste like (any ingredients possible)?

Definitely something like triple chocolate Reese’s Brownie Cookie Dough with Krispy Kream Donut Bits infused with Jack Daniels. If your ice cream doesn’t give you diabetes, it’s not ice cream.

7. Back to aliens. If your band had to save the world by beating some grim alien invaders in a competitive challenge, what challenge would you choose?

We would go with a best meme challenge. Ain’t no way these alien tits are beating us on this one.

8. What´s your favorite color (unfortunately black is not a color)?

We’re blind.

Please let the people conclusively know anything you´d like to get out to them right now. What´s up?

Thanks to everyone for the support! We are so fortunate to have that much support and only hope to achieve a lot more in the next few years!