Mayfield – Careless Love, LP: heart gets left behind

Mayfield Careless Love LP

[english translation of: Mayfield – Careless Love, LP: Herz bleibt zurück]

When it comes to music based on hardcore punk, it’s a risk to innovate with opposites. Clean vocals for example are a thorn in the side of many metal fans, that is, until they become aesthetically valuable in songwriting. Mayfield from Ottawa, Canada, do not care what someone needs in his or her definition of a genre and are natural talents in bringing together otherwise contrarian elements. As a missing link between Architects and Being As An Ocean, the gentle rowdies present themselves as a bundle of energy that provides itself with electricity through the specially produced tension created in their songs. Carless Love (March 2019) is the first LP of the up-and-coming band. On their EP Hollow Embrace they already demonstrated that one can expect big steps in the future. Whether the explosiveness of their idea of ​​a melodic hardcore can also be transferred to a longer record has now been shown.

The answer is yes, yes and yes again. On Careless Love, Mayfield have not left a second unused to make their point clear. Opposites attract. From colorful melodies (Wes Lee) and a well-executed shouting (Patty Tirrel) that knows both ups and downs, which is the first unequal pair, followed by dedicated sometimes clean, sometimes shouted backing vocals by Zach Loates (guitar) and Brad Healey (bass) and a exceptional drumming (Zane Knight), which ranges from simple drum rolls to the creative use of double-bass to short blast beats in all respects. In an interview, the band said:

„We collectively have a wide range of music that we listen to so we try to include all the influences in the creating process. We do not try to sound a certain way. “ – (the complete interview at

And you can hear that, because bundled together these different factors work best. For example, at the start with „Do You Miss Me?“, where melodious and dissonant guitar passages shake hands. In the songs „Recovery“ and „My Heart Gets Left Behind“ especially the vocal performances of Tirrel and Loates are to be emphasized, which kick the asses of people, who preach that Hardcore and clear vocals do not belong together. „Blossom“ and „Sleep Alone“ will support crowds with refrains, that invite to mutual bawling and at no time feel out of place. Then there is the interlude „The Missing Piece“, which integrates itself well musically in the overall concept and the song „Blindside“, which surprises by a reference to mathcore riffs. With the title track „Careless Love“ the album ends on a quiet note. A fitting conclusion to a LP, which knows how to celebrate the diversity of hard and soft sounds like this. Loates told about the motivation during the writing process:

„We set out to write Careless Love with an intent to maintain a theme throughout the record. It’s not a concept album, but there’s a constant energy that’s taken from start to finish.“

Careless Love is the record to hear for anyone celebrating ambitious hardcore that is more than the sum of its parts and who is not afraid to be touched emotionally by it, too.

© featured image: Mayfield, bandcamp

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