Birthright – Let Me Down Easy, LP: memory of you

Birthright Let Me Down Easy LP

[english translation of: Birthright – Let Me Down Easy, LP: Erinnerung an Dich]

Many newcomers like Birds in Row or The Saddest Landscape were inspired by specific experimental musical approaches that resulted from the ground the American post-hardcore movement The Wave (founded by the bands: La Dispute, Make Do And Mend, Defeater, Pianos Become The Teeth and Touché Amoré) left in the late 2000s with its fresh sound. For them, there was a longing for more emotionality and honest feelings and less attraction towards fashionable metalcore bonds, with which successful scene bands such as Atreyu and Escape the Fate gained notoriety. They wanted to go way back to the roots of those of the first hour such as At the Drive- In and Drive Like Jehu.

On Let Me Down Easy (June 2018) the spirit of this upswing is omnipresent. Behind it are the musicians of Birthright from Baltimore, Maryland, which skillfully conveyed in 10 songs what The Wave still preaches today. The deep soulful lyrics, the hard screams that echo through the microphone and the tender instrumentalization are the things that show that post-hardcore does not need any breakdowns to stay a topic of conversation. Classically, Let Me Down Easy describes relationship problems, all the pain that can be extracted of interpersonal experiences and the memories of slowly fading, soon unfamiliar faces.

„I can hear your call
In the distance
As the wind blows
The entire world
Stood still
Where is this beauty
In my darkest days?“

– Light Of Your Love

In direct comparison to similar bands Birthright despite their strong melodic influences and typical alternative rhythms are straight out and not completely lost in what they want to convey through their music. In this regard, bridges to the Canadian post-hardcore heroes Alexisonfire (especially vocally recalling the shouting and clear vocals of George Pettit and Dallas Green) and the melodic hardcore genre can be build. Let Me Down Easy is thus likewise a recommendation for veterans and young fans of the aforementioned music scene.

© featured image: Birthright, bandcamp

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