Windows96 – One Hundred Mornings, LP: good night, internet.

Windows96 One Hundred Mornings LP

[english translation of: Windows96 – One Hundred Mornings, LP: Gute Nacht, Internet.]

The digital horizon is beautiful. In lost eternal nights, whensoever a journey without a true purpose can be substantial and meaningful, it lies in the distance. As a guide and placeholder. Because these fields are endless. It serves only as a backdrop to calm the mind of a soul wandering ahead. As time goes by, in a third place that promises everything and keeps it.

„A setting beyond home and work (…) in which people relax in good company and do so on a regular basis“ – from Third Places according to Ray Oldenburg

Welcome to the internet. Stay forever. Who would want to leave this realm, where everyone can be everything, find everything, feel everything, without effort and in which there is no gravity. Where there are all the answers. And nobody has to be alone. The exhilaration begins unconsciously. Click. A data vortex opens up and a new chapter begins. Click. It feels good to be free. The undertow does no harm. It is comfortable, the forces acting relaxing. Around one, advertisements pass and drip quietly into the sea of ​​lights. Voices echo out of their direction. Warm baritone vibrations reveal new products. Consumption is part of the experience. Cool drinks, lively communities, the right movie, online games and current fashion. Every need is satisfied. Escape from reality is an artificial endeavor. No, it is artistic. And whoever succumbs to the passion for its art, even completely falls, may never get back down to earth. Every video, every live stream, and every chat history open to entry is a new sunrise in the vastness of the World Wide Web, where everything is in motion – always.

„Caligula“ blossoms with wafting synthesizer sounds, which transform for a moment into an electronic organ passage and create an almost ceremonial atmosphere. The body finally needs sleep to cleanse its spiritual chache. With „Visage“ (Track 2) there is a theme that prepares the further exorcism through ghostly background effects: sometimes spherical („Visions II“), sometimes rainy („Bliss“) and here and there melodious. The foundation of the album is provided by the striking beats of an e-drum set, which nevertheless always leave enough room for interesting Vaporwave interpretations. The dimmed futuristic „Mind Mirage“ is a fitting conclusion, after „Rituals“ provides positive energy with a touch Tropicalia for a last time.

One Hundred Mornings (July 2018) is the last LP to date of the Brazilian musician Gabriel Eduardo. A wake-up call for those who have made their minds available for download. A tranquilizing  alarm to understand that it’s time to move away from the digital horizon.

© featured image: win96, bandcamp

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