Faceless Burial – Multiversal Abattoir, EP: hell’s gate down under

Faceless Burial Multiversal Abattoir EP hell’s gate down under

[english translation of: Faceless Burial – Multiversal Abattoir, EP: Höllentor Down Under]

Australia has a reputation as one of the most brutal places in the world. Although its inhabitants are so friendly and relaxed. There are golden beaches, crystal clear waters, exotic landscapes and in advertising all surf together in peace. Okay, there would be the hostile heat and deadly animals, but otherwise from morning to evening everything says „Hang Loose!“, right? Not correct! Because the darkest side of Australia is not due to nature, but the local death metal scene. One of its evil plants has claimed the name Faceless Burial and stood for its unmistakable and brutal sound of the old school since the first demo in 2015. The EP Multiversal Abattoir is their third fiendish sprout following the first full length album Grotesque Miscreation (September 2017) and was evoked from a hellish underworld at the end of last year known only to the band members Alex, Max and Fuj.

With „Sluiced In Celestial Sewerage“ Multiversal Abattoir starts, like its predecessor quiet and threatening. The crumbling of rocks can be heard. On a guitar a background music is played, which can not promise anything good. Otherwise it is quiet. For the last time stones are falling. Then the evil takes its course. „Theriomorphic Meconium Aspiration“ begins without warning with a riff reminiscent of Entombed’s Wolverine Blues. This is followed by volleys of heavy blast beats, shrieks that resound with stretch torture from the six-string-section, and a grudging, biting laryngeal chant that can be attributed to death metal, but would not be disdained even by the most elitist black metal supporters. The tracks „Piteous Sepulcher (of Amentia)“, „Fistulated Beyond Recognition“ and „Multiversal Abattoir“ carry on the torch and result in a grunting avalanche of ash and lava, until they have buried everything under them, that trys to resist the uncompromising bone-dry mixed sound.

Faceless Burial’s Multiversal Abattoir is like being exposed vulnerable to the Australian heat. It’s brutal, relentless and agony. Anything a death metal record should be. A strong, albeit short, release that makes you hungry for a new album.

© featured image: ME SACO UN OJO, BLOOD HARVEST, bandcamp

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