Wide Eyes – Volume, LP: the arrival

Wide Eyes Volume LP the arrival

[english translation of: Wide Eyes – Volume, LP: die Ankunft]

In 2009, the mothership landed on Planet Earth, to drop the three musicians Chris Saniga (guitar, synthesizer, programming), Chris Vogagis (drums, guitar, synthesizer and drum programming) and Danny Cullman (keyboard, drums, guitar, synthesizer and drum programming). The mission of the multi-instrumentalists: to bring our world extraterrestrial awesome progressive metal. It was not clear for a long time whether the mission could be approved at all. Because Danny Cullman was at the beginning, the only member that had committed to the operation in Akron, Ohio (US). But when Vogagis and Saniga joined in, everything was suddenly in full swing. The first sign of life of the band should not just be a musical work of art according to the manual, but an extraordinary contribution to the earthly league of djentleman. Within three years, the team, working to the limit of their talents and with unbelievable zeal, made an astonishing selection, as it is known, of 50plus songs that were eligible for their debut. The final album Volume (2012) thus decorated a tracklist of 26 pieces, with a total length of over one hour and 40 minutes.

Wide Eyes Volume is realized in the mind of the listener, like an anomaly with the appearance of a glittering, strangely colored but beautiful gate into another world. And if you enter, there is no turning back. It’s an atmospheric journey that mesmerizes you with polyrhythms, tech-savvy shredding and electronic sound waves. It won´t end until the last note has been played. That’s why it’s so hard to highlight individual tracks. Not because there are no noteworthy moments, but because Volume lives on worthy moments. There would be the opener „Inception“, which, due to its glossy effects, indicates that the entry into another sphere takes place and later nice soft melodies lighten up the chaotic setting. The song „Hah!“ is made noticeable by creative riffs. In „Eskalofrio“, a fantastic solo takes place, which points to the omnipresent well-considered unique characteristics of each instrument. Then there is for example „Immortalize“. A track that stands out for the extensive use of dance and electronica motifs. „Uno“, in which speed changes play a decisive role. Or „Slipt“, where the moment of remembrance is a melodic rock passage that takes on almost classical values ​​and could be borrowed from a composition by Queen. While most of the songs settle for between three and four minutes, the number 20 „demarciation“ remains at the top with 10 minutes and 45 seconds.

Although Volume’s biggest criticism is its exhausting scale of superlatives, this feature can not diminish the qualitative excellence of the narrow staffed band by their dedication. It is definitely a challenge to listen to the debut album of Wide Eyes as a whole, but it is an exciting adventure and no torment. Even recommended as inspiring background music. Once in the flow, both time and space are relativized. However, after this release, the group’s work was far from over. They released another three albums, the last one called Paradoxica in 2017, a single, an EP and a remaster of their right now lauded debut. And although the following works were much shorter, there is one statement from the band that still describes them best today: „We write way too much music.“ It is to hope that they will continue their mission on our fragile blue ball for a long time coming.

© featured image: Wide Eyes, bandcamp

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