Turnover – Peripheral Vision, LP: hello euphoria

Turnover Peripheral Vision LP

[english translation of: Turnover – Peripheral Vision, LP: Hallo Euphorie]

There is so much to accomplish in this life, so much to do and to satisfy. So much to earn without an awareness of what it should be spent on. So many open doors that can be entered. And behind each of them hides a new path that could lead to happiness and success. But there is not enough time to give each of them a chance. And it’s so easy to lose your mind when you’re not being stopped by natural boundaries. When everything seems possible and at the same time unreachable. For a simple cog in a machine of excess, where fuel is stress and pressure. A futuristic nightmare that people already live. If you feel addressed, you should stay tuned because there is a musical antidote to this kind of modern madness. The name: Turnover.

Turnover is a band from Virginia Beach, Virginia (US) that has undergone an interesting development throughout its history. Starting in 2009 as a pop-punk band, around 2011 they brought their self-titled EP on the radar, which already had audible emo-rock influences. But that was not the end of the transformation. While their first album called Magnolia (2013), still internalized a harder sound, but already seemed much more dreamy, in 2017 the Dream Pop release Good Nature appeared, that instrumental clearly had moved away from their roots. Within the past four years, however, Turnover had not been idle. In addition to two EPs (Blue Dream, Humblest Pleasures), each of which acted as links to and before the aforementioned publications, in 2015 the album Peripheral Vision was an unforgettable evolutionary transitional form.

Still not quite as tame, playful and with more bite than its follow-up Good Nature, Peripheral Vision became the generally acclaimed peak of the band. Turnover had long since turned away from their catchy punk image and were now completely caught up in shoegazing. With songs such as „New Scream“ and „Hello Euphoria“, the field of vision was also lyrically multiplied, that now no longer focused exclusively on interpersonal relationships only, but took a clear reference to a life away from social standards.

Adolescent dreams gave to adult screams
Paranoid that I do not have all the things I say
What if I do not want a pattern on my lawn?
All I know is something’s wrong because everyday I’m

Craving that new scream …

– New Scream

Basically, however, the relationship to others remained the lifeblood of poetic texts about falling in love, emotional states and the intense influence of drugs and prescriptioned medication on sentiments towards friends and family.

„Bass guitarist Dempsey told Billboard about the meaning of this song:“ „Take My Head is about how it could be the best day and you’re surrounded by happy things, but you still want to be pissed off and sit by yourself.“

Without including the tracklist, it’s hard to tell where Peripheral Vision starts and ends. The second LP Turnovers is a homogenous mass of light rhythms and psychedelic melodies in the footsteps of Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine, which make you close your eyes. For 11 songs it means sinking in an ocean out of the things that rob you of sleep at night, to re-emerge after their deeper understanding and to breathe into a relieved soul.

© featured image: Run for Cover Records, Bandcamp

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