Carlton – Carlton [Deluxe Edition], EP: crash course in lightheartedness

Carlton Carlton Deluxe Edition EP

[english translation of: Carlton – Carlton [Deluxe Edition], EP: Schnellkurs in Unbeschwertheit]

The dance: a sanctuary. The persona: a legend. The fictional character Carlton Banks might be known to most people as the feisty supporting act from the ’90s hit sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Once embodied by Alfonso Ribeiro, he achieved a cult status that skillfully neutralized Will Smith’s stalwart standing as one of the most sought-after newcomers on television screens at that time. His roguish mustache, knavish smile and passionate reputable attitude brought to light his very own style, which, coupled with his affinity for outbreaks of maximum lightheartedness, developed into an unprecedented combo-breaker.

Thus, the indignation was legitimate as the publisher Epic Games unannounced misused the embodied aura of the master in the form of his own created moves. This faux pas was not a question of justice, which, moreover, could not be asserted, but of decency. But where there is room for indifference, there are always hoards of appreciation. A seemingly anonymous Internet musician dedicated a whole project to the name Carlton some time ago including a homonymous mini-album. Recently, the deluxe edition has become an extension of the previous release. Carlton by Carlton is a crash course for lightheartedness. An introduction to the lessons of venting one’s sorrow.

„Even in no time at all, you can free yourself from the stress of daily life, the preservation of exemplary etiquette, and your worries about an uncertain future without the least amount of effort. I’m Carlton and show you how to do it.“

One way or another, words like these resonate as the song Competition heralds the album in old-school hip-hop fashion. Ensuing Soda Pop delivers the soundtrack for relieving stretching exercises with light funk beats. The track Bel-Air Groove brings more class through the use of dazzling wind instruments, as one should always be ready for a sudden upcoming soiree. Is it all going to be a long walk? Or even a relaxing day on the beach? To Cruise Control, the muscles regain strength in an instant and pinched nerves are being solved easily. The arrangement is staged by two renewed classics. Carlton (Remastered) offers the space for a relaxed atmosphere and time to take stock of oneself, before Fresh (Remastered) decays unobtrusively but recovering, back into a world of responsibility and posture. Until a distant fainting echo says:

„It was a great pleasure for me again. I am Carlton, your coach for expressive dance and mental balance. Stay carefree. I see you next time.“

© featured image: Carlton & Cloud Vault, bonzibuddy.exe

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