Daisyhead – I Couldn´t Face You, EP: embarrassed, locked up, lost

Daisyhead I Couldn´t Face You EP

[english translation of: Daisyhead – I Couldn´t Face You, EP: verlegen, verschlossen, verloren]

The year 2013 solidified the beginning of a new wave of emo-rock in the United States. Bands such as Citizen, Have Mercy and Superheaven released their debut albums and established a sound that influenced the traditional melancholic timbre with harsh riffs and driving drum beats. Something similar already had been made around 2011 by the groups Basement and Balance and Composure. However, the big hype should start just two years later. A quartet called Daisyhead from Nashville, Tennessee, was in on it, too and became a talking point with their EP I Couldn’t Face You. These musicians combined the ancient tenderness of the genre with a grunge vibe à la Nirvana and lyrics that can be classified between despair about the monotony of things, immutability of tragic events and longing for a more positive attitude to life.

I have a life outside my mind
But I am trapped inside
Remembering nothing
Wanting for no one
So damn hollow

– Numbing Truth

With a short of four songs, I Couldn’t Face You offered enough spectrum to highlight the band’s potential. The result was a well-balanced ratio of heavy chord progressions, that caused a groovy feeling through sharp changes of direction, which invited the listener to lethargic headbanging here and there. And even today, the band’s debut album is a decent starting point to familiarize oneself with the alternative side of Emo-Rock. The songs Numbing Truth and the eponymous track I Couldn’t Face You are sold by the offered riff-101 in any way but progressive, but make amends with long pauses for lulling melodies and sensitive picking. The track Sun surprises with a hymnic temperament that becomes easy to enjoy with a growing post-rock-approach as the song continues. Eventually, I Couldn’t Face You ends up on a soft note with the rocky but equally gentle What’s Done Is Done. A rounding factor that gives Daisyhead’s music its own face always has been the bright voice of singer Michael Roe, who contrasts nicely with the more weighed down tone of the instruments.

The end of 2018 saw the new EP I’ve Been Better, the sixth release of the band, which blended in fine in a discography that is still untrodden of major experiments. For this circumstance Daisyhead had to accept mixed ratings of their albums over the years. However, if they are praised, it is that they always produce a consistently qualitative emo-rock based on the principle of „never change a winning sound“.

My burning mind
Can’t turn back time
What’s done is done
What’s done is done

– What’s Done Is Done

© featured image: Spartan Records

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