Tiny Moving Parts – For the Sake of Brevity / Fish Bowl, single: Mother Nature is calling again.

Tiny Moving Parts For the Sake of Brevity Fish Bowl EP

[english translation of: Tiny Moving Parts – For the Sake of Brevity / Fish Bowl, EP: Mutter Natur ruft wieder.]

Tiny Moving Parts is one of those bands that could release the same song over and over again without falling on their noses. And somehow they do. Since their debut album Waves Rise, Waves Recede … (2008), the trio has relied on a unique combination of math rock, midwest emo and pop punk, which nestles around the ever-present tapping of the guitarist and frontman Dylan Mattheisen. A perfect recipe, because this mix never stops to be fun. At the beginning of the year, on January 16, a new 2-track single titled For The Sake Of Brevity / Fish Bowl was released to the delight of many fans. This includes songs of the same name, which according to expectations do not announce a fundamental development of the band and even include a piece with For The Sake Of Brevity that TMP already used as an opener on their 2010 EP Moving To Antarctica. It is not pure coincidence, however, as their new track Fishbowl continues thematically right where Moving To Antarctica stopped as an overall concept. On the one hand, it is about climate change and its devastating consequences for the animal world. On the other hand, there is a great allegory that shows a personal fear of extreme change and the right way to deal with it.

I’ll hold you until you start breaking
Piece by piece we are fading away
Into a new place
Into a new space
Where ever it may be, it’s forever you and me

There are mammoths in the Atlantic
But we’ll never know until we go swimming

– Fish Bowl

Musically, everything stayed quiet the same. The sparkling guitar playing, the accented bass parts and the jazzy drumming sound as fresh as ever. Unlike on their 2010 work, For The Sake Of Bravity, however, comes in a more audio-technically advanced garb. Unfortunately, a little lo-fi charm is lost, but that’s forgivable. Even though Tiny Moving Parts have opted for smoother productions with increasing success, they have never lost their special something. For The Sake Of Brevity / Fish Bowl is a wonderful release to warm up with the compact family group from the US-midwest. While the first half of the single sounds both lyrical and tonal melancholic, yes, almost sad, Fish Bowl creates hope for a happy ending. So, the bands motto has not changed after all, too: No matter how long it rains, in the end everything will be fine.

© featured image: Triple Crown Records

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