Love is Hard for Otaku, anime: four otakus, two couples, one job

[english translation of: Keine Cheats für die Liebe, Anime: vier Otakus, zwei Paare, ein Arbeitsplatz]

The young employee Momose changes jobs after complications in her old company. At her new job she surprisingly meets Nifuji. He’s a childhood friend and unfortunately remembers her darkest secret. She is an Otaku (nerd, ’n? D). After she was often excluded from her environment because of her love of comics and video games, she had planned a fresh start. However, when she makes acquaintance with her superior things turn out differently. Koyanagi is a famous cosplay idol. Her friend Kabakura is in turn a colleague of Nifuji and also Otaku. A friendship emerges between the four, which has a lot of Slice of Life charm, but also makes clear what it can mean when fundamentally different characters meet. Ultimately, the question arises as to whether the reunion of Nifuji and Momose will mean anything more than refreshing an old friendship. In his new work, illustrator Fujita tells a story about the love between nerds, differences in partnerships and how they can be mastered despite Japanese working standards.

Wotakoi impresses with a modern drawing style and contemporary animations. From time to time these seem a bit too sterile and therefore take away depth from the overall picture. However, the mood is pleasantly relaxed in relation to many other genre offshoots. The same can be said about the humor, which, while usual, is overstated but not obtrusive. For Kawaii moments, however, care has been taken – for example, then when the characters slip into their gaming sprites of the multicoloured MMO game worlds. Especially real-life nerds will enjoy regular references to the local gaming scene and manga culture. A major plus is that adult characters once again have their own standing, giving the genre more depth and endurability.

So far, the manga template has been efficiently pressed into meager 11 episodes. Unfortunately, more is not to be expected at first. Nevertheless, fans can look forward to both an OVA and a live action movie. Both are due to appear in the course of 2019.

Predicate to the anime: Easily digestible Otaku comedy, which takes the topic of love again more serious.

Year: 2018 _ Studio: A-1 Pictures

© featured image: A-1 Pictures

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