To be spoiled for choice, Funko POP and compulsive hype

[english translation of: Die Qual der Wahl, Funko POP und obligatorischer Hype]

The Steam library is packed, but of course there is nothing to play. I think I need an exorcist. Because this is not the only first world problem that I had to face this week. It is actually quite simple. Just shut up and rejoice, as the guys of the pop-punk band Bowling For Soup in the song of the same name (Shut up and Smile) warble. So I finally decided. Currently the digital version of Metro: Last Light is the game that spins disembodied in my laptop. And it makes me happy. It’s already been out for a while, but after the first few hours of play, the abandoned shafts of the Moscow end-time subway, claustrophobic creeping passages and the Russian accent of my companions could pick me up again. The only critical thought is: „It might just be more of the first part.“ But so be it. Because if I had simply given myself to the feeling of fullness, I would have listened to podcasts again, which I have already eavesdropped ten times (for that their wasn´t even an achievement!) and beyond that had no idea for a new post.

I’m overfeeding excessively. I´m too full of fantastic worlds. The problem is that everything is cool anyway. New series? Hot. New game? Hot. New movie? Hot. Because there is no limit between famous and notorious anymore. Netflix is ​​firing up more of its own products than Nintendo can bring on law suits against ROM websites, but not all which is covered by a fashion filter is gold. However, the irrelevance of a product does not mean that it is celebrated no harder than the discovery of penicillin – and that I do not fall for it anyway. Marketing is King. As a committed consumer, I feel like sinking into a sea of ​​Funko Pop characters when the compulsive hype strikes again. And each of them is a small monument to a pop culture legend. Then, all of them pull on me with their little vinyl hands and I just want to scream: Stop! I do not need all of you. Only the big alien queen figure, because I really like that one and Dale Cooper. I never saw an episode of Twin Peaks, but got it as a surprise! Let go (echo, decreasing), let go, let go.

The thing is: A lot of choice means that there is something for everyone. And that is great. I noticed, however, that it has become difficult for me to value a Metro: Last Light properly. After all, there is enough other stuff that could take the time off the clock. Right? But when I remind myself that Brazilian gamers had to wait 10 years longer on an official release date of the PS2 (here the device appeared on the market at the end of 2000, there at the end of 2009) and in China a 14 -year ban on the sale of game consoles happened until a few years ago (2000-2014), I become humble. I would like to get a new perspective again and take time for individual products, if more important things allow it. Well, we’ll see how this works out. Now it’s time to move slowly towards The Dark Ones. Wish me luck comrades. До следующего раза!

© featured image: Funko

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