Imagination, stale retro art and rockstar´s horse madness

R-Type Dimensions Ex Red Dead Redemption The Witcher 3 Retro

[english translation of: Vorstellungskraft, altbackene Retro-Kunst und Rockstars Pferdewahnsinn]

On October 26, 2018 Red Dead Redemption 2 finally came out on the market. A giant of a video game. Alone the story material was estimated before the release on approximately 65 hours play time. It was cheerfully expected by fans and critics and received almost immediately the most important awards of the scene. Why not, because RDD2 had everything that is expected of a modern top game. Bombastic graphics, outstanding animations and as already mentioned content without end. Fantastic arguments to make someone excited about a video game. But I have to admit that these epic proportions did not charm me. I even spurned the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt when it was released on 19 May 2015. An equal title, which grabbed the scene by the collar and gave it a wake-up call. Single-player campaigns are out? TW3 proved the opposite. With the same attributes. Bombastic graphics, outstanding animations and as already mentioned content without end. In addition, the creators of CD Projekt RED refused to milk their cow until emergency slaughter and instead came up with a lot of free download extensions and two high-quality story extensions. Why I was not in a hurry?

First of all, I had too much respect for the time to invest. Eventually, the creators announced the whole thing with a two-month playing time for the occasional gamer. And I like to stroll on heroic victories. No, seriously, who has time for that? It’s cool when you can immerse in a game, but eventually you want to come out again. I was recommended to play to a certain point only, because then I would have seen the most important thing. But why should I plunge enthusiastically into an adventure, of which I would not experience the outcome anyway?

So I had to think of other games to play, such as R-Type I and II, which I recently gained in the upgraded Bundle Dimensions Ex. But not only because they are fast-paced in the old arcade style, as long as your own skills make it possible, but with a lot less effort, they enthrall me completely. I do not even mean the high addiction factor due to the simple processes and the intuitive gameplay.

To be able to enjoy retro games properly, you have always needed an important skill and that is the imagination. Games used to have neither bombastic graphics, outstanding animations or content without end. Sometimes you just got a static 8-bit background behind a spacecraft looking like a soapbox, floating through a two-dimensional world. And even on a 64-bit level, like on the N64, most of the artwork still looked like groats. But you still had fun because you were good at making the most of what you were offered.

Of course, the claims are different today. Young people no longer feel like spoiling their eyes because of the poor pixel density of past classics, and even the older generations want to know what the future has to offer. However, when I read rumors, such as the developers of the cowboy epic Red Dead Redemption 2 via Rockstar Games worked super long hours, so eventually even the horse genitals could adapt to the different climates I did not know if I should laugh or cry. Can not you just imagine that, if you have to?

I simply wish that developers would demand more imagination from players again. Yes, yes, VR and high-end graphics are the technologies of tomorrow and the one and the other does not necessarily contradict each other. But if I want to experience reality, I just go outside.

© featured image: Tozai Game, Inc.

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