New Girl, growing up and boredom

New Girl Nick Miller FOX Sitcom

[english translation of: New Girl, das Erwachsenwerden und Langeweile]

„I got nothing to do. That’s it. I’m not cracking. I just have nothing to do.“ These are the words of character Nick Miller of the US sitcom New Girl (episode 15, season 4) to his roommates after his Anti-Valentine’s Day Binge Trip comes to an end before the last bar. The trigger for the sudden grief is his recently failed love relationship. But actually it’s about more. Nick is in his early thirties, struggling as a bartender since graduating, and can´t think of anything else he could do. A picture that fits into the present time. And that is no coincidence.

Although the creators of New Girl repeatedly relied on standard formulas of sitcom milestones, such as Friends and How I Met Your Mother (last year, the program was completed with a seventh season) in the staging of the plot, there was always a certain unique feature: the consideration of the zeitgeist.

In short, four adults with completely different social identities share a loft and an existence between constantly changing sex partners and the search for a way out. While the characters are consistently depicted as lovingly dopey dorks, their lifestyle isn´t glossed over in any case. The characters themselves often address the dilemma directly enough. They have a longing to grow up. They dream of regulated conditions and no life on the fast lane.

That is a conservative, but pleasant statement of a show that could certainly have earned more viewers by interspersing advertisements for shared apartments in Berlin or Los Angeles. But it illustrates the fight of our youth almost perfect. Actually, the masterplan is to live for the moment and make money with some kludge, but only to be able to escape the whole thing at the end in a helicopter, who is sponsored by an influencer account.

But why has it become so difficult to live a satisfying life? Because today it is harder than back in the day (well, at least it´s a different challenge), the fewest want to settle for bullshit jobs any longer and young target groups are additionally poled by manipulative and sincere uncreative job search engine advertising measures. For only a job as a frontend developer in a big city environment can be the Alpha and Omega.

In this scene, Nick is a true child of his time. Because he no longer understands that it does not take much to free himself from avolition. The doubts that live in one, when one compares his or her quality of life with the next Instagram story of a movie star.

But Nick is so much more, as promised by his friends and allies in the Battle Royal for a grounded existence. Above all a beloved person and only a lost soul of these days, who must learn to value himself and his abilities again.

© featured image: FOX

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